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Saturday, August 29, 2009

2 new Mini Kits!!!

ive decided to go ahead and open up both of my new kits now, just due to my own impatience.
there will be a contest on myspace to win a spot on my always list too. for this contest, you may use either of the 2 kits tho! use both! make 2 things! make 3 things! you can enter as much as you like! ups your chances of winning!
i'll go into further detail on the myspace blog as you're probably getting to this from that.....

Kit 2:

Neon Pets Kit: neon pets

if you need a password, its "wicked"

i hope you like these! please comment either here or myspace or 4shared if you download!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wicked Kit is Out!!!!!

ive decided to go ahead and open up my wicked scrap kit next since it seems to be most popular and well i want yall to be happy so here it is!!!

if you have the power to decompress files (winzip /stuffit expander) here's the entire kit

Wicked Kit

and when i put out my last kit, i heard a bunch of people not being able to expand the files so i uploaded everything separately so, you'll have a bunch of downloads (if you want everything in the kit, you can pick and choose this way i guess!)


Miscellanea Elements


the password if needed is "wicked"

i hope yall like & remember this kit will be used for a contest in september!!! make anything at all with it and submit to me for awesome prizes!!!!!!