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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

PTU Tut Rock Rebell (CT for Berry Applicious)

Tutorial Time Again!!!

Here's a Preview of the taggie we will be making today:

For this tutorial you will need:
Lysira's Graphic World's Rock Rebell kit which you can find at Berry Applicious
Tube of choice. I am using Dead Sexy Girl from Ismael Rac You need a license to use these tubes and can obtain one thru his store (linked above)
Font and Mask of choice

Open a new canvas, 600x600, background white

Open as layers frame 2 and resize to 403x400 and place towards the center of your tag

Open as layers paper 12 and move this layer below your frame layer
fit the paper layer to the canvas

on the frame layer use the magic wand too to select inside the frame and grow the selection by 6
make your frame layer active and and select the inverse and cut

Open as layers bougainville02 and move below your paper layer
place to the left so that the flowers stick out on the top side

Duplicate this layer and mirror flip it and place opposite the first one on the other side of the frame

Make your frame layer active again so the elements we place will be on top of it

Open as layers cherry skull cupcake and scale down to 120x160
place to the bottom left hand side of your frame

Open as layers curly ribbon and move this layer below the cupcake layer and place to the bottom of the frame overlapping the bottom bit of it

Open as layers flame and place behind the cupcake layer and ribbon layer

Open as layers flower 2 and scale down to 100x100. move this layer above your top layer and place to the right of the cupcake slightly overlapping it

Open as layers glitter trail and move this layer under the ribbon layer and place to the bottom of the frame slightly overlapping

Open as layers ice skull and scale down to 98x187. Move this layer to the top and place to the right of the flower

Open as layers kitten and scale down to 200x238. move this layer under the cupcake layer and place slightly to the right of it

Open as layers netting 1 and move to the bottom of your layers

Open as layers pierced lips and scale down to 145x103. place this layer under the ice skull layer and place to the right of it slightly overlapping

Open as layers skull gum and scale down to 143x120. place below the pierced lips slightly overlapping

Open as layers skull polish and scale down to 55x163 and place under your pierced lips layer slightly to the right

Make your top layer active again and open your tube of choice as a new layer and place to the right of your tag. using the bucket fill tool on mode: color, color your tube with black so that it is now in black and white

Make your paper layer active and open your close up of the tube. Mirror flip this layer.
Fit your tube inside the frame by selecting the paper layer and choosing layer>transparency>alpha to selection. on the tube layer select the inverse and cut

Make your background layer active and and open your mask of choice and apply paper6
Delete your mask layer

Add dropshadows to all layers except your paper layers 

Add name and copyright and delete your white background layer.
save as a .png

Tada! Awesome taggie made!
Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Kit Now In Stores!!!

My latest kit is now in stores!!!

This kit is tagger sized and contains 40 various elements, 5 frames, and 18 papers sized 800x800. It is Punk Rock themed and brightly colored to match the Punk Rock attitude. Perfect for all your truly outrageous tags!

You can find it at any of my stores listed to the left!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Kit in Stores!

It's almost Valentine's Day...but screw that, lol. It's almost almost St Patrick's Day!!! (A much better holiday in my opinion, lol) & I made a kit for it!

This tagger sized kit comes in shades of green and yellow and is full of fun elements for St.Patrick's Day! It contains 10 papers, 5 frames, and 50 various elements

Lucky Lucky is available at all my stores listed to the left :)

Hope you like it! xoxo,

Monday, February 4, 2013

Timeline Templates Now In Stores!

If you didn't get a chance to snag them up for free, the timeline template set is now available in all my stores!!

This set contains 3 PSD files sized for the FaceBook Timeline Cover Photo Slot for you to decorate to your liking and adorn your FB pages with!
Friday, February 1, 2013

CU Freebie!

Hey loves! I've been messing around in Gimp and learned something new! & so you get a freebie!!!

you can download this freebie at 4shared HERE

Please leave some love if you download!