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Monday, August 5, 2013

It's My Birthday Bitches!

sorry just had to share. I'm only special for one day

...side note Marylyn Monroe died on my birthday, but many years before so, alas, I am not her reincarnation (though that would be the shit, right?)

also I've lost almost 30lbs since my last birthday and am finally feeling like myself again (AKA I fit in my clothing from high school)

Now even tho it is my birthday and I should be getting the presents...the first 3 to comment with their favorite PTU kit and what they like about it (detail is important) will be getting it for FREE day after my birthday (Aug 5 and I live in the Eastern Standard Time Zone)
*note the free kits will be sent out late tomorrow or even the day after cus Ima need to sober is my birthday after all! lmao
Friday, August 2, 2013


I know I suck and I haven't come up with anything in a long time but that is going to change!
I have finally moved to a new apartment and got on a good schedule so I'm not feeling all groggy during the day!

& just my luck...I won free advertizing for a month!!!!

this is the  First Ad

I'm excited! 

also, my birthday is coming up...3 more days not counting today :D
I want prezzies for my birthday from you! use my kits (PTU or FTU) and make me tags with "Pandora" on them! OMG that would be so awesome!!!!

you can email them to me @ Gmail or upload to photobucket or one of those sites and leave the url in a comment here! 

Please please please do it! It'll make me so happy and then I'll show them all off on my blog with links back to who made what!!!