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Monday, August 8, 2011

have you checked out my forum?

i run a tagging forum with my boyfriend and my best online friend!

its pretty awesome if i do say so myself

check it out here:


we offer tons of fun tagging challenges as well as games for those of you who do not tag. most of the games (all but 1) donate money to different charities if you play!

we also offer exclusive scrap kits, templates, and much more!
Sunday, August 7, 2011

venting about things

this is a 2 in one vent, lol arent you lucky!!

so may have noticed my blog looks like shit due to photobucket bandwith being exceeded. well i did a trialpay offer for netflix to get a free pro account, and it said confirmation was instant. well instant to trialpay apparently means 3-5 days. they are claiming they havent gotten confirmation from netflix, but when i called netflix they said they sent it out right away...who to believe...i believe netflix trialpay sucks and i will never use them again

ok vent #2
righto, used to be a part of this forum called the taggers lounge. the girl who runs it goes by rosey. she wanted me to be a co owner, and i said yes. she didnt tell me til afterwards that being a co owner of her fourm meant i wasnt allowed to be staff of any forum ever. this caused a lot of drama because i was co owner of another forum and those girls got into it over me! ended up staying with taggers lounge for a month before i realized that even tho i was a "co owner" i wasnt allowed to do anything but take orders from queen rosey. so quit that and started my own forum back up with a new name and with great friends as co owners who are allowed to do whatever they want, cus they are my equals, not subservient! so month or 2 passes and she wants me back...says this time i can keep my forum open and staff positions elsewhere, but not to tell anyone about it. so i stupidly agree, and im back being told what to do, being demanded to post in every member's mail box daily and play stupid forum games daily. not being allowed to share my ideas and god forbid i had a contradicting thought to dear queen rosey's. i dont know why but i put up with this abuse for a few more months until just last week when she crazily decides, "you know what, im going to charge people 5 dollars to join my fourm" WTF!?!?! rude, wrong, and just illegal! at this point i try to tell her that this is illegal, and she gets mad at me for disagreeing with her! its not an opinion, its a fact! so i left, & took my good friends with me. took everything i had ever done for the site and put it right here for you all to grab free of charge. after various tube licensing companies contacted her informing her of her illegal actions, she claimed she had no knowledge that what she was doing was wrong, even though i had told her the day before. before i left i also noticed that she had demoted one of the other co owners who told her this to just a regular member...she is a very vindictive person and god forbid you dont agree with her on everything, and bow down to her each and every whim! so i just wanted to put this out there for those of you looking for forums to join, dont join the taggers lounge unless you want to be surrounded by fake people who will turn on you in an instant!
Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Templates 4 U

got 2 templates also made for that crap forum that are now available to you

sorry i cannot find the preview images right'll just have to trust me, lol

3 Kits for Ravishing Beauties

used to be for a forum but im leaving there so they're all free for you now!

These will soon be at my new store, Ravishing Beauties Creations

hope you enjoy them!!!