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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas 2011 Freebie Kit


Mostly Traditional Colors...maybe later will do one with more fun colors :)

Download from 4Shared:

Kit Contains:
4 frames
15 papers
44 elements

and my comments are working again!!! so please leave some love if you download!
Friday, October 28, 2011

Need Ideas for New Freebie Kit

I want to make ya something fantabulous!!!
i have a ton - as in far too much for my puny little hard drive to manage - of CU items and then Ive been painting some of my own with the wacom tablet...
but what should i do with them all???

what kind of kit would you like to see next???
please leave ideas as comments here and i will take each and every one of them into consideration and try to come up with something everyone will enjoy!!!
Saturday, October 22, 2011

Holy Poo I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

I won not 1 but 2 amazing prizes on the psp mini holiday blog hop!!!!



I am officially in love with the blog hop people!!!!!

won an exclusive tube from Scraps N Crap with a friend gift participant, meaning i can gift the same prize to a friend!!!!
and and ... won 100$ to SwtMeloDe also with friend gift participant (which had to give to the bf as he loves her work)


I am one happy little girl today!!!!!!

OMG almost forgot to mention, I also won 4 free blog make overs in their flash contest thursday!!!! from Dark Angel!!!! Love her layouts!!!!!!
so actually won 3 prizes!!!!!
and yep, you can be expecting an amazing new look here coming soon!!!!!
Friday, October 21, 2011

New CU Freebie Surprise!

got 2 CU4CU templates for you! drew them by hand and no, you cannot see them :P

but you can download them!
HERE from 4shared

and yes, they are naughty, hehe!

feel free to recolor, resize, ect

just no selling as is or giving away as is!!!
you may include as part of kits or element packs or use them for other commercial projects!
Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Tube In Store!!! Oscar!!!!

Added a new tube to the store today!!! Oscar Doggy Tube!!!

You can find/purchase him:

and still looking for a Creative Team to work with my tubes and kits!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Forum Set with Toad Tube!

im sorry i totally forget where this kit came from...ive had it for a while now...

but on to the FS!

i made this for my friend Pamela in a challenge on our Forum, Pandora's Box :)

This tube can be purchased for $1.50 @ my store, Pandora Designs
Or you can get it for free @ my FB Fan Page, also Pandora Designs
Sunday, October 16, 2011

Patriotic Kit

I dont know why, but i was in the mood to make a patriotic here you go:

This Kit Contains 10 papers, 6 frames, 2 word arts, and 35 elements
Elements include:
1 banner
1 bird house
10 bows
2 brads
3 buttons
3 candles
2 cows
1 cupcakes
5 flowers
3 flower arangements
2 flower bunches
1 hat
1 stuffed animal

Soon @ Ravishing Beauties Creations

be sure to leave some love on 4shared since comments here arent working :(
Saturday, October 15, 2011

CT Call!!!!

you will get every tube and ptu kit completely free of charge!
you will also receive a special license # to use with the tubes
and would really like you to work with the ftu kits i put out as well as that is mostly what i do...besides more people like tuts with ftu kits anyways, then they dont have to go purchase a kit just to use it for one tut...

and if you could pass this message along to any of your friends who might be interested, I'd really appreciate it!

Tag made with Elphaba Tube

I am still looking for some people to be CT for my kits and tubes
if you are selected, you will get everything i make for free and receieve a special license to use with the tubes

here is a tag i made to show off the Elphaba Tube:


see, they're cute and very versatile!
if interested in CTing for me, please message me @ with subject line "CT Call"

Exclusive FB Fan Freebie Kit

if you're a fan of my FaceBook designing page, Pandora Designs, you can get an exclusive freebie kit!!!

click the image to be directed to my fan page on FB and "like" to gain access to the kit download!!!

don't know how long i'll be leaving this up...probably until i make a new one, which could be any day now, so go snag it while you can!!!
Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cutsey Halloween Freebie Kit

omg! another halloween kit?!?!?!

yep!!! I love this holiday!!!


This Kit Contains 20 Papers and 42 Elements!
Elements Are:
1 Balloon
1 Bat
3 Buttons
1 Candy
2 Candy Apples
2 Cats
7 Cookies
1 Cupcake
1 Eyeball
4 Frames
1 Ghost
2 Haunted Houses
1 Lil Frankie
1 Lil Monster
1 Lil Skellie
1 Lil Vamp
1 Lil Witch
4 Pumpkins
2 Skulls
1 Spider
2 Trick or Treat Bags
2 Witch Hats

You can download from 4shared HERE

ok so I have been told my comments on the blog are not working and have tried but cant seem to fix the problem :( so if you download, please leave some love on 4shared!!

just a little update

crazy person: √

lol crazy person has started a personal vendetta against me on the fb because i outed her for being a thief and improper copyright/license usage. i find it amusing...not that she's a thief, but that instead of apologizing and righting her wrongs, she has chosen to get defensive and badmouth me.

nehoo, trying to make new stuff...then maybe a nap, lol
Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Tube In Store!!! and CT Call!!!

New in the store as of 10 seconds ago - Toadstool!!!

what a little cutie he is!!! so glad i could do him justice!!! Toad is a kitty Mommy Nessa had (a stray i took in already pregnant) that i adopted out to a friend, who in turn handed him over to the SPCA, where he was most likely put down because he was sick :( I LOVED - LOVE this cat so much and miss him dearly! but at the time, i had 12 cats and I couldn't possibly take care of them Toad, Toadette, Koopa, Blooper, Yoshi, and Mommy Nessa herself were adopted out to friends. Peach and Shy Guy i kept :)

any hoo, Toadstool in all his cuteness can be purchased for a mere 1.50 at my store HERE

you may also get Toadstool if you are on my facebook design site, Pandora Designs, completely free of charge!!!

And on a final note, I am looking for a small group of designers who would like to work with both my tubes and kits for me to display on my blog!! You will receive everything free of charge and get a special CT license number for the tubes :)
I am asking at least 1 tutorial or 3 tags/pages per tube/kit released @ my store, and 1 tag/page per freebie kit posted here
please send me an email @ with the subject "CT Call" with at least 3 examples of your work if you are interested!!!
will get back to everyone but please note i do have a life (school, family, friends, kitties, ect) and it may take me a while to reply.

Taggie Made 4 Me with my BCA Kit @ Misfits

wanted to show off this beautiful taggie Angelic made for me using my BCA Kit over on the Creative Misfits Blog

click for full size!

isnt it purrty!!! makes me so happy to see my kits in use!!!

if you have made anything with any of my kits, feel free to show me!!! email them to and i will gladly display them (and link back to you if you have a blog)

just in time for halloween!!!

An Elphaba Tube!!!!

this is my princess kitty!!! she's a little bitch....i mean witch, lol

Elphie can be purchased for a mere 1.50
visit my store HERE  to purchase

next to do are Slim Jim and Shy Guy then possibly Gizmo and Toadstool!

hope yall like xoxoxo

Monday, October 3, 2011

he's a finished!!!

now you can have your very own Orange Cat!!!

the one and only, now mass produced, lol

100% digitally painted with love!

if you would like this tube, it will be 1.50!!! please visit my store HERE to purchase!

work in progress

since my computer decided to try and update firefox while i was in the process of working on a new tube and i had to force quit everything and restart, thought id take a break and give you a little preview of my next tube!
(i snapped a screen shot while everything was frozen and it actually saved!) and thank god i had been saving as i went!! had gotten all the colors down as you can see, and just finished the eyes...all that was left was to blend the fur and nose

this one is of my 2nd furbaby, Orange Cat, aka Pudgie :)
i chose to make his fur a little more orange as his name is Orange Cat, lol and also changed his eyes from kinda yellow green to just green as the yellow green looked like piss, lol.

when i finally get gimp up and running again and finish him up, he will be avaliable for purchase via email for 1.50
it will be a full body cat, tail and all, lol...and all these hard lines will be smoothed out like the eyes are

another one!!!

im so loving this right now!!!

this is a digital painting i did of one of my kitties, pie (peach)
so so proud of this one!!!

and wait! this is not exclusive!!!! you can purchase!!! I am asking a mere 1.50 per tube!!! and i will have more coming out later so you will be able to mix and match them!!! will be doing the rest of my kitties and some people as well!

if you would like to purchase the tube, please contact me @ and i will send you my paypal information, or you can find that little donation button i had put on the scrap kit!

info: tube is 650x850 and in png format so can be used with any program. i can also send you psd format if that is preferred.
copyright you use with this tube is:
© Robin Green pandorasbox11.forumotion,com and your license # which will be assigned to you when purchasing!

really hope you like! oh so excited i taught myself how to do this! in gimp no less!!!

i made a tube????

must be crazy...was just playing with the tablet again...and stayed up all night and came out with this:

click for full size as it is huge! did it off a photo of myself halloween 2 years ago...

now, how does you get fabulous tube you ask? well JOIN MY FORUM and you can has!!! it is one of our exclusives!! forum is Pandora's Box and is linked on the right under "thingies"

i want a fabulous tube of me you declare! well, i will be more than happy to make you one for a very low price of 35 dollars!! so low because well, i am not a known tube artist....yet....muahahahaha!!! this is the plan, lol
if you are interested in getting a custom exclusive tube made please email me @! you can use for your forum, your site, yourself...whatever you want...just as it goes for all tube artists, you cannot sell it

2nd CU Freebie

yay!!! a leaf to go with the flower i posted yesterday!! hope yall can get some use out of these!!!

you can download from 4shared HERE

please show me what you make!!! email me @

Friday, September 30, 2011

First CU Freebie!!!!

I dragged out the tablet today...made something cool!!!

i drewed this all on my own, no template or even anything to look at...just used my noggin and of course the tablet, lol

you may include this in your kits if you so wish, my only request is that you show me what you made!!!!

download HERE at 4shared

New Masks @ Creative Misfits Creations

Totally forgot i did this, lol, but i made 5 masks which you can download HERE at the Creative Misfits Blog!!! 
you get not only my masks, but tons of other talented people's masks in the download
so head on over and snag!!! xoxo
Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tagging Break

im kinda taking a break from tagging...started making pages instead! got inspired by gorgeous kits ive been finding lately and kinda wanted to show off one i made recently

this page was made with a beautiful freebie kit called Flowers For You by Collab Girls Creations
they have many beautiful kits and if you would like to check them out, I highly recommend it!
Sunday, September 25, 2011

Does Blog Look Dumb?

are you seeing it like this:

or does you see how i see, nothing wrong like so:

or do you have a completely different view of it? just curious as this is a new type of template for me
Monday, September 19, 2011

New Exclusive Kit on Pandora's Box

this kit has just been added to my forum!!!
you can get it by joining and participating. by participating, you will earn special points we call GEMS.
gems can be traded in for a variety of prizes including this kit!!!
the forum is located HERE and once you register, an admin will quickly approve you and you can start playing with us!
This Kit was inspired by the wonderful work of Lady Mishka! you can purchase her tubes at PFD

the kit includes:
100 elements!!!
15 frames
and 40 papers

this is the largest kit i have made to date and i am very proud of it!

in addition to "paying" for this kit with gems, you can opt to purchase it from Ravishing Beauties Creations

Please leave me a comment with your email address used to make the donation if you choose to donate for the kit and i will email you with the kit zip file or where to download and the password when your donation has been confirmed

Coming This October to Creative Misfit Creations!!! - NOW AVAILABLE

Made some kits for the Creative Misfits Blog!!! They will be released in October and I will edit the post when the kits become available to link you to the post where you can find them

Here are the previews of my kits:

Misfits Halloween Includes:
40 elements
6 frames
18 papers

Awareness Includes:
60 elements
8 frames
20 papers
and 4 awareness ribbons

these were made for the scrap kit challenge on the forum! please check out the forum HERE! there are tons of talented taggers and kit makers etc and everyone is super nice and awesome!!!


OO Halloween! PTU Kit!

been a little while since i've made a kit for yall but recently got my kit-makin-mojo back!!!

i just love halloween and its a'commin so here's a cute little kit for yall

This Kit contains:
55 elements
3 frames
20 papers

This Kit will soon be available @ Ravishing Beauties Creations

and anything you create with this kit, tags/tuts/sig sets/whatever, please send me so i can display them on my blog with a link back to yours!!! you can email all creations to
Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tut with one of my Kits!!!

slightly confused...happy, but confused as was totally unawares this had happened

tut was written with my Lemon Lime Kit!!! this be where previous post tag came from

Can Find Tut HERE

really appreciate seeing my kits being used!!! so please if you do SHOW ME!!!!!!
Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tag Made With One of My Kits!!!

This tag was made by Linda aka Tinkerbelle62 with my Lemon Lime Kit

click for full view!!

you can find Linda's super cool blog HERE and check out her awesome stuffs!

this makes me excited!!! If you have created anything with my stuffs, please send to me @ and i will happily display it with a link back to you!

Monday, August 8, 2011

have you checked out my forum?

i run a tagging forum with my boyfriend and my best online friend!

its pretty awesome if i do say so myself

check it out here:


we offer tons of fun tagging challenges as well as games for those of you who do not tag. most of the games (all but 1) donate money to different charities if you play!

we also offer exclusive scrap kits, templates, and much more!
Sunday, August 7, 2011

venting about things

this is a 2 in one vent, lol arent you lucky!!

so may have noticed my blog looks like shit due to photobucket bandwith being exceeded. well i did a trialpay offer for netflix to get a free pro account, and it said confirmation was instant. well instant to trialpay apparently means 3-5 days. they are claiming they havent gotten confirmation from netflix, but when i called netflix they said they sent it out right away...who to believe...i believe netflix trialpay sucks and i will never use them again

ok vent #2
righto, used to be a part of this forum called the taggers lounge. the girl who runs it goes by rosey. she wanted me to be a co owner, and i said yes. she didnt tell me til afterwards that being a co owner of her fourm meant i wasnt allowed to be staff of any forum ever. this caused a lot of drama because i was co owner of another forum and those girls got into it over me! ended up staying with taggers lounge for a month before i realized that even tho i was a "co owner" i wasnt allowed to do anything but take orders from queen rosey. so quit that and started my own forum back up with a new name and with great friends as co owners who are allowed to do whatever they want, cus they are my equals, not subservient! so month or 2 passes and she wants me back...says this time i can keep my forum open and staff positions elsewhere, but not to tell anyone about it. so i stupidly agree, and im back being told what to do, being demanded to post in every member's mail box daily and play stupid forum games daily. not being allowed to share my ideas and god forbid i had a contradicting thought to dear queen rosey's. i dont know why but i put up with this abuse for a few more months until just last week when she crazily decides, "you know what, im going to charge people 5 dollars to join my fourm" WTF!?!?! rude, wrong, and just illegal! at this point i try to tell her that this is illegal, and she gets mad at me for disagreeing with her! its not an opinion, its a fact! so i left, & took my good friends with me. took everything i had ever done for the site and put it right here for you all to grab free of charge. after various tube licensing companies contacted her informing her of her illegal actions, she claimed she had no knowledge that what she was doing was wrong, even though i had told her the day before. before i left i also noticed that she had demoted one of the other co owners who told her this to just a regular member...she is a very vindictive person and god forbid you dont agree with her on everything, and bow down to her each and every whim! so i just wanted to put this out there for those of you looking for forums to join, dont join the taggers lounge unless you want to be surrounded by fake people who will turn on you in an instant!
Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Templates 4 U

got 2 templates also made for that crap forum that are now available to you

sorry i cannot find the preview images right'll just have to trust me, lol

3 Kits for Ravishing Beauties

used to be for a forum but im leaving there so they're all free for you now!

These will soon be at my new store, Ravishing Beauties Creations

hope you enjoy them!!!
Saturday, July 23, 2011

Now At Creative Misfits - UPDATED AGAIN

these items will soon be on the Creative Misfits Blog HERE

Scrap Kit Now Avaliable HERE

Word Art Now Available HERE 

Template Now Available HERE

a bit ticked off

isnt it wonderful when people download your stuff but dont leave comments...
yeah well i know for a fact people are doing this to me. i work my butt off to provide you with FREE stuff and you cant even say thanks?! that is incredibly rude!!!

also would like to add, about my kits, do not recolor them!!! they are the color they are for a reason!! recoloring them is like a slap in the face to the designer!

sorry for my little rant, but it needed to be said!

New Freebie Kit - Flower Garden

hi!! i have a new kit for you


download from 4shared HERE

please leave some love if you download and follow me for more goodies!!

alsp do not upload any part of this kit elsewhere, please direct people to my blog to download
Friday, July 22, 2011

Glamourous Masks

just threw these together today! hope you can get some use out of them

save to your computer/desktop to get full size

Mask 6


Mask 8

Mask 9

Mask 10

please do not upload anywhere else, direct people to my blog to download!

My First Mask Set - Stars

ok some of them are just vairations on the others, but i hope you can find some use for them

please save image to desktop/computer for full size

Mask 1

Mask 2

Mask 3

Mask 4

Mask 5

and please do not upload them anywhere, direct people to my blog to download

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Template for Creative Misfits!

i maked this template for Creative Misfits
you can download it from their blog HERE

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Freebie Kit - Emo Colors

yes i am so not creative with the names of my kits but the name doesnt matter, its a free kit, lol

this kit contains 70 elements and i forget how many papers...20 something, lol

you can download it HERE

please leave some love if you download!!!!