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Monday, October 3, 2011

i made a tube????

must be crazy...was just playing with the tablet again...and stayed up all night and came out with this:

click for full size as it is huge! did it off a photo of myself halloween 2 years ago...

now, how does you get fabulous tube you ask? well JOIN MY FORUM and you can has!!! it is one of our exclusives!! forum is Pandora's Box and is linked on the right under "thingies"

i want a fabulous tube of me you declare! well, i will be more than happy to make you one for a very low price of 35 dollars!! so low because well, i am not a known tube artist....yet....muahahahaha!!! this is the plan, lol
if you are interested in getting a custom exclusive tube made please email me @! you can use for your forum, your site, yourself...whatever you want...just as it goes for all tube artists, you cannot sell it