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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Tube In Store!!! and CT Call!!!

New in the store as of 10 seconds ago - Toadstool!!!

what a little cutie he is!!! so glad i could do him justice!!! Toad is a kitty Mommy Nessa had (a stray i took in already pregnant) that i adopted out to a friend, who in turn handed him over to the SPCA, where he was most likely put down because he was sick :( I LOVED - LOVE this cat so much and miss him dearly! but at the time, i had 12 cats and I couldn't possibly take care of them Toad, Toadette, Koopa, Blooper, Yoshi, and Mommy Nessa herself were adopted out to friends. Peach and Shy Guy i kept :)

any hoo, Toadstool in all his cuteness can be purchased for a mere 1.50 at my store HERE

you may also get Toadstool if you are on my facebook design site, Pandora Designs, completely free of charge!!!

And on a final note, I am looking for a small group of designers who would like to work with both my tubes and kits for me to display on my blog!! You will receive everything free of charge and get a special CT license number for the tubes :)
I am asking at least 1 tutorial or 3 tags/pages per tube/kit released @ my store, and 1 tag/page per freebie kit posted here
please send me an email @ with the subject "CT Call" with at least 3 examples of your work if you are interested!!!
will get back to everyone but please note i do have a life (school, family, friends, kitties, ect) and it may take me a while to reply.