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Monday, October 3, 2011

work in progress

since my computer decided to try and update firefox while i was in the process of working on a new tube and i had to force quit everything and restart, thought id take a break and give you a little preview of my next tube!
(i snapped a screen shot while everything was frozen and it actually saved!) and thank god i had been saving as i went!! had gotten all the colors down as you can see, and just finished the eyes...all that was left was to blend the fur and nose

this one is of my 2nd furbaby, Orange Cat, aka Pudgie :)
i chose to make his fur a little more orange as his name is Orange Cat, lol and also changed his eyes from kinda yellow green to just green as the yellow green looked like piss, lol.

when i finally get gimp up and running again and finish him up, he will be avaliable for purchase via email for 1.50
it will be a full body cat, tail and all, lol...and all these hard lines will be smoothed out like the eyes are