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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reindeer Games Tutorial

here's a preview of what you will be creating:

now the tut:

for this tutorial you will need the following:
tube of choice - i am using the work of Joel Adams which you can get from CILM
Kristen's template # 17 which you can get here:
and my Christmas scrap kit which you can get if you are a member of Taggers Anonymous:

open up a new canvas 600x600
open up the template as a new layer
above the bottom layer open up paper3 from the kit
select by color the bottom layer of the template
go back to the paper layer and select invert and cut
your paper should now fit the bottom template layer
now open up paper 5
place it above the second layer of the template (the brackets)
select by color the brackets
go back to the paper layer, select invert and cut
add a drop shadow to this by going to filters, lighting effects and selecting drop shadow
above the heart layer open up paper 6
select the heart by color
go back to paper 6, select invert and cut
add a drop shadow to this layer as well
open up swirl 3
resize so that it is approximately the same size as the bottom layer of the template and place it as shown in the preview
now open up bow1 and resize so it fits in the template
next open up your tube and resize if needed and place in the center of the template
now add your text
"reindeer games" is in Inspiration font at size 63 in #61854a
select path from text
open up a new layer below your text layer and go to select from path
select grow, set it to 3px and fill with #c4beae
"can get a little" is in Jack Bisio same color as "reindeer games"
repeat the select path from text but to grow and fill
"Rough" is in Janis
repeat the select path from text to grow and fill
add your copyright layer
add your name and you're done!