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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Template Making in Gimp

we are going to be making a template
yay template!!!

first start off with a new canvas 600x600
new canvas 600x600

create a new transparent layer

grab either the rectangle or circle tool and draw out your main shape
i chose circle
on a new layer draw a shape

fill with a shade of grey
fill shape with a shade of grey

create a new transparent layer below your layer with the shape on it
new layer under shape

grow your selection by 10 or something and fill with another shade of grey for a border
grow selection

fill with darker shade of grey

create a new transparent layer above your main shape layer
new layer above shape

draw out another smaller shape
draw smaller shape

move it to your liking, you may want to use the rotate tool a bit
move to liking and fill with new shade of grey

add a border in the same fashion as before. you may want to duplicate this bit and mirror
maybe duplicate and add borders?

now we are going to add some shapes behind the main one
make a new layer behind your border layer
new layer under bottom layer

draw out a smaller shape and fill with a shade of grey
make more shapes and fill

you may want to add noise to some layers
do this by going to filters, noise, hsv noise and apply with the two bottom options set at max
maybe add noise?

add some text on top. be careful which fonts you use because not all can be used for templates
add text and border to text

save as a .psd
save as psd

and you're done! yay! now you know how to make templates!!!!