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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

FTU CT Tut - Turkey Time

What's this? Another tutorial already! Yep yep!! I'm on a roll!

Here's the tag we will be making today!

This tutorial is written for Gimp but any program will do

I am using the artwork of Suzanne Woolcott (you will need to obtain a license to use her art) and a FTU kit "Fall into Thanksgiving" by Pamela @ Redefined Designs

Open a new canvas in gimp. 600x600 with white as your background color

Open as layers, frame 1

Open as layers paper 6 and move this layer below your frame layer
make your frame layer active and click inside the center frame
Make the paper layer active again and grow the selection by 6. select invert, and cut

Open as layers paper 3. place this paper under your other paper layer and then make the frame layer active again and click inside both of the side frames (hold down shift to select multiple selections) Make the paper layer active, grow by 6 select invert, cut

Make the frame layer active again (this should be your top layer)

Open as layers flower 2. Scale down and place on the bottom left hand side of the center frame. duplicate this layer and place to the bottom right hand side of the center frame

Open as layers flower 1, scale it down a bit smaller than flower 2, duplicate and place both slightly overlaping flower 2 towards the center of your tag

Open as layers Turkey and scale down and place in the center of the flowers on the bottom

Open as layers Pie, scale down, and place on the bottom left hand side of Turkey

Open as layers rusted_chicken_wire and move this layer to the bottom (under all paper layers but above your white background)
Scale down and rotate a bit to your liking

Now make the top layer active again so we can add our tube!

Open your tube as a new layer and move this layer to directly above the frame layer and place in the center.

Add drop shadows to all layers but the papers.

Delete your white background layer.

Add your copyright information & name/saying, save as .png, and tada! We are done! 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I would love to see your results!!